Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pantone Phones

I'll admit it - I'm a fan of pretty much anything that's "Pantone" branded. There's tons of items you can buy that are Pantone products, including cell phone cases, but what if you could get an actual Pantone phone? Well, our friends over in Japan can! Once again taking cellular technology to a whole new level, SoftBank offers Pantone phones. You can get a higher-end Android, or a simple dumb-phone - all decked out in official Pantone swatches. I love the colors, and honestly, I'd be happy with just having one of the small 202SH flip phones.

The manufacturer is Sharp, and I'm sure you could buy these on Ebay to have them shipped to the U.S. However, in case you are traveling to Japan, check out the rest of the phones by Sharp through SoftBanks site.


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