Monday, March 11, 2013

Startup Vitamins

I came across this site via Jared Erickson, and couldn't resist sharing. It's a simple concept of selling posters and other motivational materials, with the target market being start-ups. Now, these aren't your typical "motivational posters" you find in corporate hallways with a large black frame and some cheesy stock photo; they're much nicer and better designed. Not to mention, they have real quotes from real start-up leaders. Honestly though, as an in-house designer: I think our office should probably replace those old posters with these.

The mug is definitely something I'm getting to replace my uninspiring crocodile pattern Wal-Mart one. And I should mention that when you buy one of their products, a portion of the proceeds go to a start-up of your choosing. Check out the rest on their site, and "Get Shit Done".


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