Thursday, March 7, 2013


I posted earlier today during my lunch break about the amazing architecture in the UAE, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dubai. Still in wonder by the photos of Dubai, I later received a message from my uncle who suggested that I should also check out what kind of architecture China has been building lately. As someone who has been to China several times, he said that they've been veering away from the traditional "block" style design and creating some impressive architecture, particularly in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Holy moly, was he right. The video above pretty much sums up what I've found on Flickr, Behance, Vimeo, YouTube and Google. I'm amazed by how beautiful the cities are, and the incredible structures they're building. I've seen the plans for Sky City and the views of Shanghai in the new James Bond movie, but I never expected to find so much progress towards astonishing architectural design throughout the rest of China. It's safe to say, China (particularly Guangzhou & Shenzhen) is on my top ten places to visit in the world. 


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