Friday, January 4, 2013

Passion Project – The Walton Reporter

The Passion Project series is something that I was inspired to do back during Phoenix Design Week of 2012. Kate Bingaman Burt did fantastic a talk about "working on your own designs for the pure enjoyment of it". That's exactly what this series of posts is about. It's all those times when I've looked at something and thought, "That could look so much better, if...". It's all those times I thought of creating my own brand for a certain product or service. It's all those years that I actually thought I could make my own Christmas cards. These are those random design projects I do on the side with my old MacBook and some classic CS3.

This project was spawned after browsing through another week of posts on The Walton Reporters site. The Reporter (as some call it) is a local newspaper from my hometown in New York. It's one of the best sources of local news for the area and is only released once a week. Being around for nearly 150 years in a small rural town, The Walton Reporter looks, well...outdated; on paper and especially on the web. During some downtime this Friday, I took a small break and little bit of time to create what I thought The Walton Reporter could should look like. Be sure to click the images to see larger versions.

Before (what it currently looks like):

After (what I think it should look like):

Now, I have absolutely no idea how to build something like this, but I sure know how to make it look good. Already I'm finding some changes I'd like to make, and might even take this little Passion Project a bit further & create a whole new "Walton Reporter" brand. Who knows.

 (Note: this is a personal project, and doesn't reflect the views or plans of The Walton Reporter)
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