Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introducing the New jdotreach

Over the past few years, I've create a monster. One that had very little direction, several types of spellings (j.reach, j[dot]reach, jaydotreach) and ended up being regurgitated into every social site imaginable. My personal brand was a hot mess. It did what it was supposed to at the time; help showcase myself and my work, then assisted me in landing an amazing design job. However, like several personal brands, it was abused and forgotten over time during the post-college era we all enter.

This year I decided to bring jdotreach back to life. First, by having a clear & consistent identity (shown above), and second, to have an entirely different mission. As a full-time designer, I no longer need to constantly promote my own work. I'm transitioning from a purely self promotional direction, to more about design discussion and inspiration. Don't worry, I'll still share the latest projects I'm working on, and keep everyone updated with new skills I've learned. From here on out though, expect jdotreach to be a new resource for the latest epicness of the design world, as well as talks about these amazing realms:

- Travel: it's no secret that I've done my fair share of traveling. Though I haven't been overseas yet (some day), I have explored almost all of the United States thanks to a family that preferred the scenic drive, instead of an overpriced plane ticket. I'll be sharing inspiring places that I've recently been too, or will someday visit.

- Gaming: they say some of the most creative people are also gamers. Whether that's true or not, the nerdy side of me can't help but enjoy a few hours of block building in Minecraft, or sucking the souls out of dragons in Skyrim. The biggest thing I like about video games: the art, UI design and environments. I'll be sharing some of my favorite games, talking about the design of said games, and occasionally sharing some tricks I've discovered while adventuring.

- Architecture: some of you may already know this; for years I was dead-set on being an architect. I even went as far as starting to apply to universities in order to pursue my dream of designing beautiful structures. Then, graphic design came in and stole the show. However, my love for architecture never died. I'll be sharing my favorite architectural finds, and discussing building concepts & urban development from around the world.

- Photography: I'm no photographer, but I do love to share photos of everything that happens in my life. Within a month, I've been known to post an upwards of 300 photos, all from a magical cellular phone. I'll be sharing only the best of my own photos, but mostly pictures other amazing smartphone users have taken. I'll be displaying the awesome power of those little cameras behind our phones, as well as the occasional professional photography that phones just can’t compare too.

- Technology: if you follow me personally on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you know how much of a tech junkie I am. If there's one thing I'm ├╝ber passionate about besides design; it's technology. From phones to laptops, self-driving cars to asteroid mining, I just can't go a single day without some sort of nerdy tech fix. I'll be sharing all sorts of things that involve the latest gadgets & scientific breakthroughs, as well as the occasional retro-nostalgic piece of hardware. All of these, of course, will be focused on the design surrounding the product.

- Music: I am, what you would call, a "music-holic". Like most creatives, I need to have a massive library and constant flow of tunes to get me through the day. It's how I stay focused, and one of the many ways I stay creative. I've been subscribed to services like Urge, Zune, Rhapsody, Napster (the legal version), and now Spotify, for several years because of the instant access to millions of high-quality songs. I thrive on discovering new music, and reconnecting with the classics. I'll be sharing what gets me pumped for the new day, and discussing what songs/albums I love the most.

- Outdoors: as much as I like being inside with a computer and a cup of coffee, I also like getting outside and enjoying the beautiful natural world we live in. When I need to clear my mind for any reason, I'll typically venture off into a nearby mountain preserve. It's important to leave life for a moment and enjoy the outdoors. I'll be sharing some of my favorite places I've been too, and also some that I've added to my bucket list.

- Internet Hilarity: I love the interwebz. You know why? It's because of all the laughs that can be found in the form of Youtube videos, witty articles and memes. I'll be sharing the things that make me laugh throughout the day, and help keep me a sane person. These things won't be shared as much as the other topics, but we all need a good laugh every so often, right? Oh, and I promise to keep the cat videos to an absolute minimum.

So there you have it! The new jdotreach. Everything will happen right here on this site. The posts will be front-and-center, while my own work can be found tucked in the “About” pages up above. I'll share the inside scoop of the overall design of jdotreach in another post (you're attention span is probably gone by now... I know mine is.). This design feature will showcase my new identity, as well as the supporting elements that you'll see through everything that's created for it. Yes, there's a method behind all this madness. It was the only way to tame this out-of-control monster. 


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