Thursday, December 22, 2011

15 Reasons Arizona Is Beautiful - The Grand Canyon

Arizona gets a lot of flack with its insane politicians, immigration battles and random crazies. The news has been doing a wonderful job of destroying the states reputation in this country (and the rest of the world) over the years. Phoenix takes a more direct hit with its failed pollution tests, destroyed housing market and "excessive" growth through the desert.

Those who know me know that I love Phoenix, I love Arizona, and nothing can ever change that. I moved here for a reason; sunshine & happiness. I've learned since 2008 that there's more than just those two things. Arizona has a massive variety of landscapes, cultures, art, design, towns & cities, wildlife and people. Many of us that live in Arizona love the state for what it is, though we may not agree with some of the politics. So you're probably wondering where The Grand Canyon comes into this? Well, it's the first part of a series of posts I'm going share in order to show just how beautiful this state is. From national parks, to different towns, I'm going to share the massive collection of photos and videos I have (and will collect in the future) to show why I love this state.

Recently, I visited The Grand Canyon for the first time, and was completely blown away at how beautiful it is. I've heard people say it's a "one time visit", that after you see it once, you've seen it all. I beg to differ. I want to go back, explore more of the South Rim, dine at the other restaurants, take a mule down into the canyon and fly over it in an airplane (not in that order). Below are some photos I took while there. The sizes are small because I took them with my phone, but feel free to share!


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