Friday, October 21, 2011

Why I've Given Up on Google+

Okay, let me just say that I haven’t TOTALLY given up on Google+...but it’s basically not a thought in my mind anymore unless I’m checking my Gmail. That little profile pic of myself and the random red notification is pretty much the only thing that is keeping me from totally forgetting about G+. So why have I given up? Well, there are three reasons:

Re-Designed Facebook - The recent Facebook changes, such as the complete profile overhaul, a.k.a. “The Timeline” is actually a success. Those that have enabled it (from what I’ve heard) love it! And guess what; I’m one of those people. Yes, it’s a massive change from the previous Facebook profiles, and does take a little time to get used too, but it’s more user-friendly, more interactive and the fact that you can go month by month and look at EVERYTHING you posted in a massive digital scrapbook...well, do I need to say more?! Facebook did a fantastic job with this redesign, and I’m 110% happy with it.

Still No Google+ API - Perhaps the biggest fault on with Google is not releasing the API for G+. This means that NOBODY can build apps or sites around connecting to your Google+ account. No awesome options to post Instagram or PicPlz pics to your Google Stream, means very uninterested users. I don’t know if it’s Google’s selfishness, or they’re just being lazy, but Google should have gotten their act together when they made G+ public, and thrown in the API to developers.

No Brand Pages - One of my favorite parts of Facebook is the fact that I can become a fan, get cool offers and keep up to date with my favorite brands. Google+ had so much potential to really turn this into a killer site for companies to connect even more with consumers. “Brand Pages” still are yet to be seen, and to be quite honest...I’m pissed! I was all excited to be adding my favorite news stations and businesses to a “Brands” circle to keep up with on stories and products. And I totally understood when they had to shut down the businesses because they were going to “make something better”. We all thought Google would be on top of making Brand Pages, and you would think these would be released when G+ went public.

Google, I’m thoroughly disappointed in you, and really thought Google+ was going to be the next big social networking site...but I was definitely wrong. A lot of us were wrong. Your lack of providing the tools to developers and users has been the downfall of this site (surprising for a Google product). You’ve created another “Google Buzz” and should probably just move on to your next project. Maybe work more on those self-driving cars, because there’s more of a chance that those could become popular, instead of your already failed social network.


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