Sunday, May 22, 2011

We've All Got a Style

As graphic designers, it’s somewhat important to be flexible when it comes to the styles of our designs in order to fit our clients. However, I think all of us can agree, we each have a certain style that we can call our own. Those “styles” are sometimes what lands us our jobs, whether it be with an agency that handles a specific type of market, or an in-house position for a college or university. Everyone of us has style, but it’s often hard to describe it.

It took a while, but I tried to think of what my style would be defined as. Though I can adapt to new looks like the rest of us, I fit in a very specific category for my favorite type of visual feel. That style could only be described as; “Colorful Corporate”.

Looking at most of my designs, there’s very few organic shapes, and not so much “artistic movement” happening. Though I do love those two looks, it’s just not me. Focusing on a professional, almost corporate level, I tend keep my designs clean, clear and prefer to mix it up with a splash of vibrant color. I do however, tend to push those barriers sometimes.

I started looking at other designers, and tried defining their style, but I think they would be the best ones to actually “name” their look. So that opens the question; how would YOU define your own style? I’m curious!


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