Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lucky Paws Dog Walking - May 2011

As usual, a bunch of us from work volunteered this month at the Lucky Paws Shelter off 64th Street and Thomas. You may have seen the post from a few weeks ago of their grand opening at this new 5,000 sq/ft location, but since then, I haven't seen the inside. Since the opening, there's been several more rooms added and the place can house DOZENS of dogs now. It's so heartwarming to see Lucky Paws in such a nicer, bigger and happier place! And the dogs; they're cage-free in these cool rooms! They get to socialize with other dogs, and have lots of room to run around (compared to a kennel).

Enough about the building now. What I wanted to share was some of the dogs we got to walk, groom and play with today. Now...this is the first time I've volunteered here and NOT walked my favorite dog; Jeremy. He's up north now in Prescott at the ranch (and still up for adoption!). But, there's so many dogs that needed love, and the first one I walked was Tyler.

Tyler is a totally awesome little dog with a big personality (pictured above). He's a Chihuahua mix, who does like to be held from what I've learned. We walked about 20 feet down the canal, and he wanted to go back. I'm thinking because of the hot walkway. Instead of going back, I just picked him up (which he was totally loving) and carried him a few more feet to the shaded park where everyone was taking the dogs. We sat in the shade for a little while, and then he actually walked all the way back by himself. I can see him as being extremely happy as a spoiled pooch in a nice home.

The next dog I walked I forgot to get a picture of...but his name was Tuffy. He had just been shaved and looks like he normally has a really thick coat. Because of being shaved though, I couldn't let him be out in the sun too long, otherwise he might get sunburned. He was super sweet and got along with everyone and every dog. Really calm too, and I never heard him bark once. I'm pretty sure he's full grown, but he has the face of a puppy.

After walking those two, a couple of us ended up helping clean and then play with some of the dogs in the yard while the rooms were being finished (cleaning). Hope, a black lab mix with what we think might be pitbull, was with Raider (another mix), and wow! When those two are together the fun just doesn't stop! Both are so loving, and Raider LOVED to play ball. Hope would nozzle us and lay on her back so we could rub her belly. Honestly, those two would be perfect if they were adopted together by someone with a big home and a big yard to play in. Some of the most loving dogs in the whole shelter! (Hope and I are pictured above).

After those two, Bambino and Yukon came out to play. Bambino loved to chase the water from the hose and had endless energy (beautiful dog too). Yukon on the other-hand, was pretty calm. He just wanted to be pet and loved on. (Yukon is pictured above).

It was another wonderful, sunny day at Lucky Paws. The dogs were so tired after (like Julius, who's pictured above). Every time I go there, it just gets better and better! The dogs are all so loving, and are so grateful for the attention. And the shelter could use all the help they can get! Visit their site or facebook page to find out more on volunteering and adopting. Also, all these dogs talked about in this post, are available for adoption (if they haven't already been adopted today).


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