Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beluga for Android & iPhone

I've heard of this app before and out of all my friends on Facebook, only TWO have this app. Honestly, it's a pretty amazing messaging app, and since it's cross-platform, more people should have it. But before I get into my sales pitch on this app, here's what the Beluga is all about.

General: It's a multi-media messaging app that was recently purchased by Facebook. It links to all your Facebook friends and allows you to have a seamless MMS conversation with them.

Pictures & Location: If you're like me, then you have a small amount of patience for sending multi-media messages through texts. Either that photo doesn't get to the person, or you get a blank message with "OMG look at this" typed under it. After several re-sends, the picture never comes through. The nice thing about Beluga, is it actually WORKS. I tested it between my tablet & phone (with my extra Facebook account) and it worked amazingly smooth every time.

You can also share your location on Beluga by including it in the messages. It's almost like a Google Latitude or Loopt update.

Made for Groups: One thing Beluga prides itself in is group messaging. You can create what are called "Pods", or groups of people. These groups can be super helpful and are 100% private (so nobody will know you have a "Best BFF's" pod and didn't include them in it). Everything simultaneously sends to all the users in these groups. I can totally see this being helpful for families and small groups of friends...basically anyone that has a social life.

Works on iOS & Android: Probably my favorite part of this app is that it's a cross-platform app, meaning you can use it with Android AND iPhones. Finally! A messaging app, populated from Facebook that works on my Android and my friends iPhones. Need I say more?

This app seems like a great download, and the whole reason for writing this blog post is to tell all my Android and iPhone friends out there to download this. Since Facebook bought it, it's probably one of the most secure messaging apps out there that links up with your FB account. So far; 2 friends have it. I know there's more of you that have iPhones and Androids. Go get it:


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