Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 Funny Dancing Videos on YouTube

Whenever I need a few extra laughs, I typically venture onto YouTube. This time, I decided to search for "Funny Dancing". Below are a couple videos that made me bust out a bunch of LOLz.

1. Roomate Caught Dancing - Not gonna lie, this guy's got some moves! #breakitdown!

2. Kids Got Moves - this little kid is a better dancer than I'll ever be! #getIT!

3. Janitor's Got Talent - very clever, and totally entertaining! #winning

4. The Drench - is this puppet for real?! #crazy

5. One Guy WonderGirls Dance - look closely...pretty sure it's one guy. #creativegenius!

YouTube, you never fail to make me laugh. Millions of videos, and thousands of them are dancing ones. What was your favorite? Other than the "Evolution of Dance", are there any other funny dancing videos you like?! Share the favorites below!


  1. super funny dance video --amazing shirtless guys busts out spontaneous Bollywood esque dancing!

  2. good