Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Sunshine Supporter Summer Playlist

It's officially summertime here in Phoenix, with the temps staying steady in the low 90's and the pools starting to finally warm up! Every year that I've lived out here, I've put together a “Summer Playlist” of the best high-energy summertime songs. From Pop Top-40's, Flashback Dance Hits, to even some smooth Verve Remixes, these playlists have taken me through the summers with the sunshine & happiness mood that I'm consumed by. This year, I thought I'd share that playlist with you:

1.Party Rock Anthem (Featuring Lauren Bennett) – by LMFAO
2.Tambourine (Edited Version) – by Eve
3.Loca (Featuring Dizzee Rascal) – by Shakira
4.Judas – by Lady Gaga (Had to add it...)
5.Don't Keep Me Waiting – by Britney Spears
6.White Knuckles – by OK Go
7.Magic (Featuring Rivers Cuomo) – by B.o.B.
8.Club Can't Handle Me (Featuring David Guetta) – Flo Rida
9.Bad – by Michael Jackson
10.S&M – by Rihanna
11.On The Floor (Featuring Pitbull) – by Jennifer Lopez
12.Blow – by Ke$ha
13.Whip My Hair – by Willow Smith
14.Price Tag (Featuring B.o.B.) - by Jessie J
15.Summer Blue – by Money Mark
16.Sing, Sing, Sing (RSL Remix) – by RSL
17.Mr. Brown (Paul & Price Remix) – by Bob Marley
18.Soul Sauce (Fila Brazilla Remix) – by Cal Tjader
19.E.T. - by Katy Perry (NOT the Kanye version)
20.Rumour Has It – by Adele

This playlist usually grows as the summer progresses, so I'll post a follow-up on what I've added in June or July. And, instead of trying to find all these on Limewire, Mangowire or whatever people use now to download their music...why don't you just listen to it on Rhapsody by Clicking Here.

Enjoy! Happy summertime my beautiful Phoenix peeps!


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