Sunday, March 6, 2011

"You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?"

Well hello! I've been slacking on the "Blog Every Day" lately (for, like, the past 4 or 5 days), mostly because I've literally been running out of things to blog about. I could go on a nerdfest and blog about the lastest tech. I could also be the local food snob and blog restaurant reviews every day (trust me, I could write a book). And I could also be the one that blogs about everything design, and the latest inspirational things I find. There's one problem: I'm human, and there's more than those three things that interest me.

Yes, I love technology, food and design more than I'll ever love a child or small fuzzy kitten, but those things alone aren't the only interests I have. As a last resort, and to not sound like a broken record by posting about the categories above (again), I decided I needed to find WordPress and their "Daily Post Blog". It basically takes the guesswork out of what you'll blog about by giving you a random topic every day. Hoping that it would trigger something interesting, I snooped the Google and found the site. To my disappointment, I found this topic: "You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?". It was then I realized that I just need to write about whatever the hell I feel like. :-) (Like the emoticon? Yeah...I use them in my writing. What?)

Putting aside the feeling that I need to entertain the 5 or 6 people who actually read this blog (let's face it, the 1,500+ views have not all been actual reads), I've decided to just write about how my day's been going and what I've been up to. If you follow me on Twitter, or your one of the few that friend me of Facebook, you already know what's been happening with an average of 10-15 updates per day. So it may be just a more detailed description of a 140 character tweet, or a repeat (and opinion) of a funny video I found.

More posts. Shorter reading. Possibly more than once a day. This is what's in store for the Reach Creations blog. And if you actually like the tech, food & design posts, there will still be some, don't worry!


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