Sunday, March 6, 2011

Perfect Hiking Weather

It's that time of the year! Phoenix is at that perfect temperature (about 80 degrees) where it's not too hot and not too cold. And bad weather? Bah! With ~350 days of sunshine every year, worrying about rain is like worrying about...well, something that's not worth worrying about.

Today we set out to Squaw Peak, or "Piestewa Peak" to be politically correct. We took a different route today, and not only discovered how easy it is climb the back side of the mountain, but also how strange it is to walk through a total strangers yard. On the way back, we thought we were heading to some "shortcut trail" but instead it went straight into "Bayless Connection" or the Bayless Families backyard. They don't seem to mind, as there are signs saying hikers are more than welcome to go through their yard, on to the driveway and down to the street. It felt strange, but the neighborhood was nice! We also kind of got lost walking through the neighborhood, but some sweet older lady pointed us to the right direction.

So below are some photos of today's hike. If you follow my PicPlz updates than you've already seen them.


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