Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Save Your Schoolwork?

Remember the days when your mom would save EVERY piece of graded ANYTHING from when you were in little school? I do. And remember how you somehow picked up that habit of saving EVERY piece of graded WHATEVER in high school? I did. Then college arrives and the game changes. For me, the habit of saving work stuck, but with a new 2.0 version; only design work was saved. Math, English and any other gen-ed class I basically tossed in the shredder and never thought twice about saving it. When it came to my design work in college: I saved EVERYTHING!

I recently went on this spree of nostalgia with all my old community college design work. We're talking all hand done, not a computer was touched (well...maybe touched a little) and lots of sharpies & french curves. Oh those stupid french curves (Google at your own risk). I realized though, that I literally saved every design piece from my 6 years of graphic design education (even the two in high school). A lot of it is digital, so it's backed up on DVD's and hard-drives, but it's SAVED. My gen-ed stuff however, has all been shredded, deleted but not forgotten. Before I get myself in anymore trouble, let me say this: General Education classes are NOT worthless. In fact, you honestly do need them to be a well-rounded individual (even though I thought otherwise when taking them...) I'm not ungrateful for my gen-ed classes, but the value of my designs are far greater when it comes to physically saving them.

If you don't save your design work, I would highly recommend you do. I trucked mine all the way across the country when I moved out West, and I'm glad I did. It brings you back to the basics and shows you just how much you've improved. Plus, it's good for a laugh or two when you see how bad some of your early designs are.

(Photo above is a pile of design projects. The top is a first semester, MVCC type/animal graphic experiment using nothing but pencils, graphic pens, sharpies & french curves.)


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