Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh no, here we go again! Just when I thought my Angry Birds addiction had been cured, Squibble swings into my tablet. This addicting little game for Android has the same fun, cartoonish feel as Angry Birds with a similar type of quirky gameplay that's hard to rid of. Here's the object of the game:

You control a squid that has been captured, (Finding Nemo style), help him escape the evil scientist island and swim safely back to the ocean. The controls are simple; you use two tentacles and tap on the blocks & bricks to cling on and swing through the obstacles. Each levels goal is to not only survive, but collect all the water droplets. You can also catapult the little Squibble to send him up to the harder to reach places (swinging doesn't always work).

This game is only available for Android, and isn't very graphic intense (it's a 2D game), so it should be able to play on almost any Android device. Another thing I like about this game is its beautifully designed, much like Angry Birds. Check out the developer site for more info on the game: MassHabit Games. And don't forget to find the game in the Android market. Download the Lite version first, and then if you like it, buy the full version for only two bucks (I am)!


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