Saturday, February 26, 2011

The "No Reply" List

Recently I've been noticing something; T-Mobiles twitter account has had a lack of replies too me. Now, normally when I say anything with that @tmobile name on twitter, they reply back within minutes. I've praised TMobile for their exceptional twitter help,and nominated them for several awards because of it.

It seems though, that ever since I nominated them for a Shorty Award, they've stopped replying to me. I don't always tweet negative things about them either (in fact, it's mostly positive). But the past few times I had questions, about mail in rebates and coverage in Hawaii (plus other general questions), I never got an answer. Ever. Still, weeks later, theres been no reply. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that possibly some of the twitter team is on vacation or something? However, I'm beginning to believe I'm on some sort of list perhaps. A "no reply" list for those who ask too many questions, or say to many @ replies. Not saying that I tweet them every day, but maybe it was too much for them?

Has TMobile reached its cap of how many people it can help on twitter? Does it filter out those who ask a question once or twice a month, instead of once in a lifetime? Or are they just on a well deserved vacation with only one poor soul to run the account right now?


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