Thursday, February 10, 2011

Protecting Your Mobile Devices

A lot of us have cases, screen protectors, painted-on coatings and even Gorilla glass to protect our mobile phones and tablets, but what happens when your device is lost or stolen? For me, I have a protection plan through t-mobile and they'll replace my smartphone. However, replacing the phone or tablet wont fix the problem of the person that stole or found the phone from accessing all my information. A lot of us have pretty personal information on our devices, from bank accounts to even some risky know who you are! A password isn't enough, you can still break into smartphones. For those with Androids, Blackberrys and Windows Phones (sorry no iPhone support) you can download the LookOut app to protect your personal data.

This is starting to sound like an ad for LookOut, but honestly, I've been using it for months now and couldn't imagine going on without it. For a while, I was on the Premium free trial then back to the basic free version, but I've recently broke down and bought the full service. Here's some features you get with LookOut Premium:

- Spyware/Malware App Protection
- App Privacy Advisor (to view/limit what info apps can access)
- Remote Lock & Wipe (to clear out your phone if it's lost or stolen)
- Remote Scream (sound a siren to find your phone)
- Remote Locate (find your phone on the map if lost)
- Data Back-Up (including photos)
- Multiple Device Support

I've been absolutely loving this app, and the peace of mind if my phone or tablet are ever stolen is more than I could ask for. I've had a phone stolen before, and I have no idea where that information (contacts, photos, etc) went too. LookOut will even wipe your SD card. The phone will basically be a dead piece of metal & plastic. I've used the back-up, locate and Siren feature a couple times. I misplace my phone when it leaves my side, and just logging into the LookOut site and sounding the siren takes the scavenger hunt out of the equation now! The siren is also extremely loud, and even if your phone is silent, it will turn the volume up itself to the highest setting.

So yeah, if you don't have LookOut and have a smartphone, except for the iPhone, then I would highly suggest getting this app. There's a free version, but the $2.99/mo or $29.99/year version has the remote lock and wipe (the highest level of protection). So don't be stupid, download LookOut.


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