Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Time for a New Look

While waiting for my lunch just now, I was browsing through this blog, and thinking to myself: this really needs an official logo and consistent look. So this is just a quick post about a future post coming later tonight about the new image of Reach Creations (if you can understand that...). I've got a lot to think about tonight; from logo design, to posting type and images. Up to this point its kind of been all over the place, and though I've mastered getting the type to what I want, the images range in sizes and the look can be kind of sloppy. I want everything planned out better, even the number/names of the post tags. With nearly 1,000 views this past month (not including my own), it's time to start cleaning up the edges of this blog.

Stay tuned! The post later tonight will explain more!


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