Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hashable - The New Form of Business Cards

At first, I thought, < sarcasm >"Fantastic. Just what we need, ANOTHER check-in app."< / sarcasm > After finding a better explanation deep in the Hashable Site, and some great tips from the Founder/CEO of the app (via Twitter), I realized Hashable had something that we've never really had before.

Here's my quick rundown of what Hashable does:
- connect/share information with people you meet via an iPhone & Android app, instead of a printed business card
- "check-in" with these people and post on Hashable & Twitter
Example: @HashableAmy awesome #lunch /cc @hashable
- create an address book far beyond anything we've seen, with detailed interaction data
(like when you first exchanged info)
- introduce people via tweets (for some, it's easier to meet digitally for the first time)
- keeping it all on a professional (and more fun) level

From what I've gathered so far, Hashable is a professional way to exchange/share/introduce/maintain relationships with others. Moving forward in technology, I think something like Hashable could easily replace business cards, especially with its ways of storing all those times you've met with people. The key is getting more people to use it, because right now, there's not to many to exchange info via the Hashable app for the simple reason that it just came out and not many have it.

I jumped on downloading the Android app once it came out today, so now there's a very nice, easy, clean way of using Hashable for both iPhone AND Android users. Speaking of Android, has a really great rundown of Hashable on their site too.

Despite my early skepticism's, I really hope this app catches on now, and becomes a new standard for meeting with people, professionally. Hashable won't replace FourSquare, Twitter or LinkedIn for one reason: those are all nicely integrated within the app! Once I discovered that I could check-in to a venue on FourSquare, exchange contact info, and post on twitter from one app, with one button, I was pretty much won over. The huge SXSW event this year should be the big startup for Hashable, so don't get left behind. Download it now and setup your profile! I'll be carrying a limited supply of business cards from now on.


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