Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fixing "" Error

A common problem with MyTouch 3G's and Droid Eris/Incredible phones is the dreaded "" error. This error has forced me to do two master resets on the my MyTouch 3G Slide, which means I lose almost everything on the phone (fortunately my Google Account backs it up online). After the third time getting a series of this error, I had to find what the problem was, and a better solution than performing a master reset. And there is no way I could live with that error popping up every 3-5 minutes...ugh!

Combing through the android forums on T-Mobiles site, I found that MyTouch users located the culprit: the Facebook contact sync. This is when Facebook syncs all of your hundreds (or 100 for me) facebook friends as contacts in your address book. For some reason, it gets to a point where it cannot sync anymore. Since I'm not 110% attached to that particular feature, I found a quick solution:

Go to your Settings then "Accounts & Sync". Select the Facebook account and uncheck the contact sync. Done! Problem solved! Now, I also cleared out all the data for the "Facebook for MyTouch" app, so that it would only take the information from the official Facebook app. You can do this by going to Settings>Application>Manage Applications and selecting the "Facebook for ________" and hitting "Clear Data".

Since Google (and Lookout Security) have managed to back-up my all 400+ contacts, I don't have to worry about losing anyone because they're on my Google Account. Supposedly there are third party apps that will sync your Facebook contacts sans the "" error, but I'm kind of going to hold off on that for now. I just don't know how I feel about a random third party accessing all my Facebook contacts.


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