Saturday, February 5, 2011

February at Lucky Paws

Its that time again! This morning some of the crew from work, as well as myself, went to Lucky Paws to volunteer by walking some dogs! It's always fun going there, and this time it was only 2 weeks since we last volunteered. For two hours, every dog was walked, and some even more than once (they didn't mind, they loved it).

Of course, I had to walk my buddy, Jeremy (pictured above). He was well behaved, as usual, and for about an hour and 15 minutes we walked around the neighborhood by the shelter. We kind of took a couple breaks and sat down on the sidewalk, watching everyone else walk by, but he loved the attention.

I also got an opportunity to walk Julia (pictured above), a chihuahua mix. She's a little bigger than your average chihuahua, and totally sweet. She had already been walked once, but this little ball of energy had no problem running up and down the street with me.

And these two in the picture above, are Gulliver (the border collie) and Mason ( the chihuahua). They were chillin' with a couple volunteers in the parking lot, taking a break, and were just having a great time playing.

All these dogs are adoptable remember, except Jeremy, he's going up north to the ranch for a little while (either until the new shelter is built, or I adopt him). Visit to check out the dogs! There's not too many left right now because of the recent move down the street (and the high level of adoptions lately), but they'll be taking more in, probably by March.


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