Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 Super Bowl Ads (Review)

This year there were a small amount of really good ads during the Super Bowl. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed, and shocked when I saw several local ads. Watching the big game online through, I ended up seeing ads for the area that the broadcaster was from; Oregon. Yikes! There were tons of really bad car commercial ads, that just didn't seem like they belonged.

Local ads aside, the bigger national ones were...nothing special. A few stood out, like the VW ads, and the Chrysler ad was pretty epic, until they brought in Eminem (that was a stupid move). However, when I watch Super Bowl ads, I'm expecting to laugh so hard my stomach hurts. There was one that got me pretty close: the Ozzy & Justin Bieber BestBuy commercial (shown below). It brought two musical icons (yes, the Bieb is an icon whether we like it or not), and portrayed the message BestBuy was trying to tell perfectly; technology gets outdated quick, and it can be hard to keep up. Now I know I can purchase something at BestBuy, and with their new plan, they'll buy it back when it's outdated. Nice!

So what was your favorite Super Bowl ad? What was your least favorite? Or did you miss the ads because you couldn't get that horrible half time show out of your mind?


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