Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Happened to Destiny USA?

Browsing through some of the photos on my phone, I came across the photos I had taken at the Soleri Bridge in Scottsdale. Thinking about his incredible visions, I quickly ended up snoopin' the Google to see what other astounding architectural concepts are out there. In the search, "Destiny USA" came up.

I had long forgotten about this megastructure that Syracuse, New York was trying to build (mostly because the last I heard the people of the city didn't want it). Funny...because the rotting urban decay known as Central New York could really use an economic boost. But, I can also see why the very old, very historically rich city wouldn't want the Dubai-like mega mall: it just doesn't fit in! As a question to those who still live in the area, or have recently moved back; what ever happened to Destiny USA?! Is the 5th floor of the Carousel Mall still dedicated to the vision of D-USA? I noticed the site is still up, but not much else has changed since I was last visiting 2+ years ago.

(The photo above is just a small piece of Destiny USA).


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