Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pasties, BBQ and Pitas!

I was able to write a few more reviews today, but haven't posted them to Yelp yet (due to some system maintenance that they're having). So, here's a sneak peek at three more restaurants here in The Valley that I've been two lately.

Cornish Pasty Co. (5 Stars)

A few of us from work went here for lunch one day. What a treat! Cornish Pasty is a small little place, but the food is just the opposite. Each of our dishes was more than we could eat in one sitting. I had the Cajun Chicken Pasty and it was perfect! Not too spicy, full of bacon and the side of chipotle was amazing! Totally worth more than the $8 for size and deliciousness!

The staff was super friendly and once we sat down, they were right there to take our order. The wait time was pretty short. However, we got there at around 11:30am, and by noon there were no more seats available. Obviously the rest of Tempe knows just how great this place is. So if you want a seat, be sure to get there early or be prepared to wait. If you do wait though, it’s totally worth it.

Pita Pit (2 stars)

It’s no Pita Jungle, but Pita Pit it’s an okay place to grab a bite to eat in Happy Valley. Their selection is kind of small, but they let you create your pita (kind of like Subway). The service is really friendly, and generally they’re not that busy (at least when I go about mid-day).

Other than letting you customize your pitas, there’s not much else special about Pita Pit. Taste/Flavor factor is maybe a 2 out of 5 stars. Portions that I’ve gotten are fairly large, but I’ve heard of people not getting that big of a pita before.
So, Norterra…when are you going to get a Pita Jungle?! Seriously.

Shane's Rib Shack (4 Stars)

To be quite honest, I’ve never heard of this place until I wandered by it one lazy Saturday. A friend and I went in expecting to see “ribs” as the primary dish to get. Man, were we wrong! They have amazing pork BBQ sandwiches. Not the BEST, but pretty close (the top 3 in my book of Phoenix BBQ).

The size of the sandwich is definitely filling. My favorite part is when the sandwich has the coleslaw inside it. I saw that they can also cater events, which is totally awesome! I would love to have the next work event catered by Shane’s. It looks like they give you tons of BBQ pork to make sandwiches.


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