Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meet Jeremy

I am super excited for next weekend. No, I'm not adopting a dog yet. I am however, going to Lucky Paws Rescue Shelter (on 52nd and Thomas) to volunteer with a bunch of co-workers! What exactly are we doing? Dog walking of course! I've done this before at Lucky Paws and it's by far one of the most awesome feelings in the world. Some people prefer volunteering at kitchens, or homeless shelters; I prefer volunteering at an animal shelter.

Since I've moved to Phoenix, I've had to abandon the life of having four-legged family members because of college (the dogs are back in New York with my family). Now, I'm out of student housing for good, but still have to wait a little while to adopt a new friend (just want to make sure I can afford too spoil the next dog I have, hehe). Volunteering at Lucky Paws is definitely a fix for not being around dogs for the past two years. Okay, now to the point of this blog post. I found a lovable canine at Lucky Paws who still has yet to be adopted, and I feel really needs a good home; his name is Jeremy.

My first time at Lucky Paws I was fortunate enough to be able to walk this fluffy shepherd-mix (pictured above). He's a medium sized dog, that is extremely calm, cool and full of love. As the shelter started bringing out the dogs and handing them off one-by-one for everyone to walk, I was handed Jeremy. He was full of excitement, but unlike the other dogs, he didn't jump and bark and pull on the leash very much. He's very self-disciplined and made both of us look really good out on the street as he politely stayed by my side. He did like to tug and wander into the grass every so often, but after being in the shelter for so long, I'm sure some training starts to slip. He's smart, so he can be trained to walk better in no-time

Every so often we'd stop to let a group of other dogs pass on the sidewalk (and so I could take a rest). Jeremy sat down every time I stopped, I didn't even have to instruct him. I sat down with him and he enjoyed the attention in a very polite way as we watched everyone go by. Such gentlemen we were.

As of now, Jeremy still doesn't have a home though. He stays with the bigger dogs (a bunch of friendly and loving labs, terriers and pit-bulls), so I think he's just very overlooked. Like I said, he's a mid-sized dog, so he would be absolutely perfect for hiking! He seems to get along with all the other dogs, as he didn't mind the chihuahua's jumping on him and licking his face. Now, I would adopt Jeremy myself, but unfortunately he's too big for my apartment. Since I can't adopt him, I figured I would give a big shout-out here and see if everyone could spread the word that this great pooch needs a perfect home. You can find out more about him on Be sure too tweet him and like him on Facebook. And if he's not what your looking for, still spread the word and check out Lucky Paws other adoptions.

I'm probably going to do a post once a month on a loving canine that needs a home from Lucky Paws. And a nice little piece of info: Lucky Paws is a no-kill shelter, so these animals will never be put down. That also means they REALLY need a home so Lucky Paws can house more rescues.

(for more info on contacting Lucky Paws for an adoption, visit their site at:


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