Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do You Dailybooth?

I've had this Dailybooth thing for, like, six months now and I've barely found out what its point is. Here's what I think it is: you take conceded pictures of yourself and post them, then nobody will care and they'll wander back to Twitter and Facebook. I post a photo every so often, but I don't know of many people that use this site, except for internet celebs like iJustine and CTFxC. I think the few that I do know on Dailybooth, are kind of in the same boat as me.

Do you DailyBooth? What do you DailyBooth? Do you have a lot of followers, because I don't. What's your DailyBooth site, so I can follow you? And, do you have a better explanation of what DailyBooth is?


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