Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CES 2011 - Pre-Game Favorites

Engadget has been blowing up with tons of CES sneak peeks before the show begins this Thursday. It's too much for me to just be quiet about, so I have to share my favorite tech previews now (This is almost as awesome as Christmas).

Vizio reveals Android tablet and smartphone. This was kind of a surprise when during the Rose Bowl a Vizio ad appeared with not only a product placed tablet, but a 66 inch television. One thing I wasn't expecting was the Android phone. Obviously they're trying to up their game and expand beyond T.V.s, but you won't see the tablet until Honeycomb comes out for Android. The excessively large televisions and sweet smartphone may happen sooner though. Sadly, a rumor has been spreading that Honeycomb will only run on dual core processors...lets hope not, or half the tablets coming out won't be able to upgrade.

Samsung's new WiFi camera links to Android OS. This is pretty sweet, because I for one, didn't know that digital cameras were coming out with WiFi capabilities. This touch screen camera not only has WiFi for easy sharing, but will link to your Android device so you can use the larger phone or tablet screen as a viewfinder. Nice! No more previewing photos on the tiny camera screen. If you have an Android tablet, you'll have a nice, large, wireless display!

Amazon tells of its new Kindle app that's tailored for tablets. I'm pretty excited about this one because even though I hate to read, the few books I do read are on my Kindle app. And although the phone version of this app works great on my Galaxy Tab, I'm sure this new version is going to have some awesome features that we probably already see on the Kindle devices. Bravo Amazon!

Opera finally get's back in the game with an Android tablet browser. There's really no specific browser made for Android tablets yet, but Opera gave a small taste of its latest version that allows smoother browsing, pinch-to-zoom and possibly getting rid of “mobile” viewing of sites on these larger screens. Oh, and just a side note; they showcase the browser on the Galaxy Tab (woot!).

Freescale announces plans to develop quad-core processors...for smart phones! I knew that dual-core processors were going to happen to smart phones, but quad-core?! That's still not 100% popular on computers yet, but it's coming to Androids and other phones as soon as the end of this year. Yes, the ones this year will be testing the processors, so the everyday consumer probably won't see these until next year. How cool is that though?! They're saying that this will enable 1080p playback and recording, as well as intense 3D graphics for gaming. Pop one if these into a tablet, and you can kiss the laptop goodbye...maybe?

Lexar announces 64GB and 128GB SD cards. Holy moly...I knew we'd eventually see this, but the release of these hitting the market as soon as this year kind of caught me off guard. Think about it; back about five or six years ago, 128GB hard drives were just becoming popular in desktops and laptops. Now, that same size is packed into a thin piece of plastic about the size of a watch face. I'm thinking by next year, we'll probably see this capacity in Micro SD's for our phones.

That's all the awesomeness that I found interesting so far as Engadget releases some pre-game insight on CES 2011. I promise I won't write about techie-nerd stuff all week, but I just couldn't resist sharing these today. And be sure to visit Engadget's CES blog this week for ALL of the new gadget releases.


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