Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggin' About Blogs

Anyone that's hip, cool, awesomsaewq ( music just got loud and scared the buh-jeepers out of me). Anywho, as I was saying; cool people read blogs. I kind of happen to be in that category because there's several blogs that keep me entertained when I get home every day (get your mind out of the gutter). Here's some of my favorites, and a little about them:

For all things social media, you have to visit Mashable. From updates of the latest social media sites & apps to what big business is doing to increase their online presence, Mashable is by far the best news source.

I've got a nerdy side, and Engadget brings that out. They are the absolute best source for all things tech, especially mobile technology.

The Dieline
The Dieline is a designers version of nicotine; you can't stop using it once you've had a try. For all things beautiful in the package design world, The Dieline has up-to-date info with several posts daily.

Brand New
I got hooked on this blog about a year ago, and can't stop checking it daily to see what stupid or awesome move big companies have done with their logos. This blog brings famous "Before & After"s of any and all new logos for massive global companies.

Rhapsody Soundbooth
Rhapsody has a fantastic blog that is an excellent source of the latest music. Yes, most of this music is/will go mainstream, but I happen to like that.


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