Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Athens Gyros & Pasta

Athens Gyros & Pasta is my favorite place to get gyros in The Valley. I discovered this place after some friends found it one random day. It was fieldtrip time for us as we piled into the car and walked in, curious if this tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant was going to deliver good food. Just like most small restaurants; the food was out of this world! I’ve been several, SEVERAL times, and even though I no longer live in that neighborhood, I still re-route on the way back from work every so often to stop by and grab the chicken gyro combo.

The chicken gyro is my all-time favorite! They pile it high with meat and add just the right amount of sauce EVERY time. The fries that come with it are also dee-lish, not comparable to McDonalds or Del Taco Fries…they’re more like those amazing county fair fries.

The ladies that work there are always so sweet, every single time (and I’ve been dining PLENTY of times at this place).

If you’re in the area, skip the Denny’s or Burger King in the parking lot, and stop by Athens to try a gyro, you won’t be disappointed.

(On a side note, the “atmosphere” of this place may not be up to par with the big restaurants or East Valley dining, but I’m someone who goes for food and service, the look of the restaurant is last on my list.)


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