Wednesday, January 12, 2011

90's Music Flashback!

Anyone that has grown up in the 90's will tell you; the music was totally awesome! This ain't no Ke$ha or Kanye West! The 90's were full of crazy dance tunes, epic alternative rock and a whole lot of booty-shakin'.

I got thinking of my favorite tunes from the 90's and compiled a list on my Rhapsody account. These are the ones that I remember jamming out too the most. Some, I'm not proud of, but I still like them!

C'Mon & Ride It (The Train) - by Quad City DJ's

The Rhythm of the Night - by Corona
Ohh...Ahh Just A Little Bit - by Gina G

Informer - by Snow

Another Night - by Real McCoy
Come & Get Your Love - by Real McCoy
One More Time - by Real McCoy

Rhythm is a Dancer - Snap!

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - by C + C Music Factory
Tubthumping - by Chumbawamba
Be My Lover - by La Bouche

MmmBop - by Hanson

Bust a Move - by Young MC
Good Vibrations - by Marky-Mark & The Funk Bunch
My Boo - by Ghost Town Dj's

Do You Know (What It Takes) - by Robyn

Get Ready For This! - by 2 Unlimited
Ants Marching - by Dave Matthews Band
The Power - by Snap!
Tootsie Roll - by 69 Boyz
The Power - by Snap!
The Sign - by Ace of Base
Don't Turn Around - by Ace of Base

Want to listen to these songs?! Click here for my "90's Awesomeness" Rhapsody Playlist!


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